boteh Jegheh

The Boteh Jegheh collection emerges as a confluence of Persian poetry's profound depth and the rich tapestry of Persian mythology, encapsulated through a multidimensional visual narrative. Each piece is an homage to the mystical "Shabe Yalda," the longest night, where the vibrancy of pomegranates bursts forth against the backdrop of a transcendent late fall, early winter tableau. The artistry evokes the surreal fusion of Jeff Christensen's intricate shadows, Joan Miró's abstract playfulness, and Méret Oppenheim's subversive textures, all while basking in the cinematic and photorealistic glow reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's enchanting storytelling. This collection is not merely a showcase; it is an immersive journey through a Persian dream, where every ornate detail and dramatic mood swing is a tribute to an ancient culture's enduring beauty and light.